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Getting Started with VaMX

VaM_Installer installs and runs VaM_Updater. In VaM_Updater (which displays these release notes) press the green “Install VaM and vamX” button to download and install VaMX (28 GB).

If the download is interrupted, re-open the VaM_Updater.exe (from your VaMX folder), then press the bottom-right green Install button. The Updater will resume from the latest point.

When installation finishes open VaMX by pressing Launch Desktop or Launch VR in the top right area of the Updater. When first opening VaMX (a.k.a Virt-a-Mate) you will need to keep Enable Plugins (Mods) checked in the Welcome / Security screen in order to use VaMX.

In the future, open VaMX by double clicking VaM.exe (which opens in VR Mode), or VaM (Desktop Mode).bat. These are located in your VaMX folder in Windows (for example C:\VaMX). The VaM_Updater.exe and VaM.exe are located in the same VaMX folder.

IMPORTANT: After opening Virt-a-Mate (VaMX), accept the EULA, leaving Plugins (Mods) enabled. Then open the right-side Tutorials section to start using VaMX. The VaMX user guide (help) is available in game, or by going to

Plugins: Almost all features in Virt-a-Mate / VaMX require plugins, so make sure you leave plugins enabled. If you download other user-created plugins, Virt-a-Mate will ask your permission before running each one. Plugins from the Virt-a-Mate Hub are often checked for safety by other hub users.

Troubleshooting: If you don’t see the Launch Desktop or Launch VR buttons, you haven’t fully downloaded VaMX. If you see the “Install VaM and vamX” button, press that to resume installation. Otherwise, try pressing Options (for both VaM and vamX) and press Sync / Repair All to have the VaM Updater scan your current VaMX folder and download any missing, broken, or partially downloaded files.

If you didn’t enable plugins in the welcome screen, to get vamX to work,
open any VaMX scene, then from the Virt-a-Mate UI (with small square icons) press Open Main UI (three horizontal bars, above the VaM and vamX version numbers) -> User Preferences (left tab) -> Security (top tab) and check Enable Plugins.

We offer a separate (optional) AI Chat feature launched from the AI Chat button / scene. AI Chat costs us (a lot) per user/response/server. If you want to use AI Chat (which is not at all required for the 17,000 voice commands or any other part of vamX) you need to subscribe to the Patreon vamX VIP + AI + ChatGPT Tier from






Many additional animations in the first 3 new pages of Poses -> Standing.

C&G Studio: Added Kneeling and Kneeling Hand Job to the original set of Pose -> Standing C&G Studio animations. These 7 animations now transition seamlessly and in a smarter way. It may take up to 30 seconds for a transition, as she slowly finishes what she is doing, and begins a pathway towards what you chose. These 7 poses actually contain over 40 animations, as each pose has multiple variations, plus transitions to other animated poses.

Added a separate set of 10 new C&G animated standing emotional and non-sexual poses to the 2nd and 3rd pages of Pose -> Standing. These are the start of a large set of C&G standing poses for emotional expression and simple actions (and eventually sexual actions) for AI and non-AI. To create a life-like feel, she intelligently transitions through animation sequences towards the target animation (if she is kneeling facing away from you, and you press for her to wave hi standing, she first turns around on her knees, then stands up, then waves hi). These will be expanded over time.

New 170 animation library available in the 3rd page of Pose -> Standing. Load any of the 170 included animations, or any BVH animation converted for Virt-a-Mate, onto the Female as a standing pose. These load and play quickly, allowing you to easily switch of animations. BVH Player is a vamX modification of BVH Player by ElkVR & VRAdultFun.

Angelic Encounter Scene: Added new vamX edit of the paid C&G Studio scene Angelic Encounter. vamX now includes Angel Wings and Storm by Matt Richard, and 10 more free Skybox Asset bundle by CuteSvetlana / AllSky for the Angelic Encounter scene.

New Angel Wings can be added to any look in any scene using Female -> Adjust Looks & Build Fantasy Characters (press next till you get to the wings page).

Added more dialog for the Scottish Peach voice (added 24 sentences). This voice also has a number of lines specifically for lesbian scenes (main female says to secondary female: “I want to lick your pussy”).


Improved transitions between Animated Poses in Pose -> Animated Poses.

Added vamX Chat AI Only.cslist script. You can manually add this script to one person in a scene to add Chat AI to that person without adding all of vamX.

Fixed issue where when using the Maive AI she didn’t respond to “OK Maive…” type voice commands. (This if for the legacy Maive AI beta, with pre-recorded audio, and touch awareness).

Upgraded vamX version of AcidBubbles Timeline to the latest version in order to load new C&G animations (or other animations that use the new save format for Timeline).

Background music (local background music) is now a little quieter when used with AI Chat, so that you can hear the AI Chat speech on top of the background music.

Fixed issue where AI Chat would show an error message (and perhaps have actual connection difficulties) the first time it was loaded on a new scene.

Fixed issue where male orgasm sounds would play even with male voice set to off. For Chat AI, the male voice is off by default, so there aren’t male orgasm sounds. To enable the male voice for Chat AI go to Sound -> Male Voices.

Fixed issue where pressing to return to the Sound Menu from the Male Voice menu would go to the wrong menu page.

Fixed issue with “Stop Silver Kiss” voice command not stopping the plugin on the Male.

Fixed issue for Male Allen voice that it tried to play missing audio files during High Arousal (resulting in fewer sounds during High Arousal). This is now fixed.

Improved ability to save/load manually set pose positions in custom scenes (scenes where you added vamX to another Virt-a-Mate scene).

Fixed issue where vamX Menu could appear blank when loading custom scenes (where you added vamX to a Virt-a-Mate scene, then saved the scene).

Voices that have a lot of dialog options now speak sometimes where she would otherwise moan.

Improved control of lesbian pussy alignment using the Action -> Penis Postion slider. This can now more accurately cause the main Female pussy to be stimulated by the pelvis of the secondary female (Male), but the secondary female’s pussy still won’t align for sizzoring (rubbing clits together).

In scenes that were merge loaded with vamX there were a couple of issues that occurred if you switched to new vamX -> Scene tab scenes. Fixed issue where CustomUnityAssets that were parent linked could detach. Fixed harmless error message when trying to remove environment atoms. Fixed issue with timeline possibly being disabled on the female. This was a general fix that could also fix issues with timeline animations in vamX not working if they were merge loaded with a scene where Timeline was present but disabled on the Female.

Fixed issue where vamX voices didn’t work in some separate vamX scenes (vamX scenes loaded from Virt-a-Mate’s scene browser).




NEW in vamX 1.32

New British female voices Philippa and Constance. Constance is a more dominant voice with occasional dominatrix type lines. These new voices are by the excellent Pixie Willow!

New male voice Allen. You can also apply this voice to the main “female” (as a male) for use if you change your partner to a male.

Added new Environments to the Scene tab: Space Station Habitat Scene Set, Casino Scene Set, and Massage Table Scene with the Cs_Digital Studio Massage Table.  These are “simple” environments with all poses in the same chosen location.  The Space Station Habitat and Casino scenes have multiple buttons that open these large scenes in different locations. If you are on a massage table, choose bed poses unless you want her standing on the table (or use Pose -> 2nd Page -> Move -> Start Move to move standing poses). When loading the Space Station scene, it can take a while (maybe 30 seconds), but if you switch from one Space Station scene to another (different locations in the same environment), it switches quickly.

Added voice commands to trigger Dancing Together, practicing Capoeira Together, practicing Martial Arts together (fighting). You can say (in normal or Chat AI): “Dance together”, “Dancing together”, “Dance with me”, “Let’s dance”, “”dance party”, “Capoeira Together”, “Let’s do some Capoeira”, “Practice Capoeira”, “Martial Arts Together”, “Let’s practice martial arts together”, “Let’s practice Karate”, “Kick boxing”. Added voice command for both people to get naked. You can say (in normal or Chat AI): “Let’s get naked”, “Shouldn’t we both be naked”, “Naked together”, “Let’s both get naked”, “Do you want to get naked?”, “Should we take our clothes off?”, “Let’s take our clothes off”, “Take all our clothes off”. Learn more about voice commands




NEW in vamX 1.31

This build is focused on non-AI voice commands.

Over 17,000 phrases (what you say) trigger over 1,600 actions (what happens in vamX).

These are non-AI, locally processed, speech recognition actions.

There are now more than 3x as many actions as there used to be in vamX.

These actions load content that is included in vamX, so if there is some long blonde hair, you can say long blonde hair. But since we don’t have long green hair, saying long green hair does nothing.

In order for voice commands to work, Virt-a-Mate MUST be the active window! If you click on some other window / application, voice commands won’t work. You also must have Speech Recognition checked in the vamX -> Sound tab. Learn more about how to use voice commands in the vamX List of Voice Commands.

You can see the 17,000 phrases and 1,600 actions in the vamX List of Voice Commands.


Fixed issue where the vamX Menu Female (or Male) -> Load & Save -> SAVE Appearances (a newer file format for Looks) button didn’t work.

Fixed some older voice commands with incorrect text or typos, improving reliability.

Add hundreds of new voice commands to control poses, clothes, hair, skins, eye color, face decals, cumming, rag doll, lighting, many more scenes/environments, and much more.

Fixed issue where there were repeated reloading of some C&G Standing animated poses. vamX was resetting the poses as it was incorrectly detecting the animation as an explosion and trying to fix the pose by reloading it.




NEW in vamX 1.30

Added Doctor’s Office story with exclusive VL_13 male Doctor’s clothing. You can load the Doctor’s Office scene from VaM’s Scene Browser (includes lighting, scene fine tuning, and suggested looks), or load the Doctor’s Office story by going to Other -> Stories -> 2nd Page -> Doctor’s Office (loads more quickly, and keeps your current looks and LUT color settings).

Added new C&G Studios animated standing poses. Set her to wait, move/seduce, touch or tease. These poses are animated and contain multiple variations that play randomly. When switching these poses, there are smooth animated transitions between most poses. To achieve a smooth transition, you must wait up to 30 seconds after you press the new pose, to allow the current animation to complete and start a smooth transition to the new animated pose. Find these on the new first page in Pose -> Standing.

Added vamX edit of C&G Studios Generation X.

Added vamX edit of C&G Studios Sexy Mi. After opening this scene, play the Sexy Mi playlist from YouTube (shown in-game in the upper left corner of the classroom).

Lowering User Preferences -> Performance -> Render Scale can dramatically help framerate (fps) in VR, especially on high resolution headsets (including the Quest 2 and Index). We now automatically set a lower render scale when setting low quality levels in Plugins -> Give Me FPS / Optimize Speed -> Ultra Low Quality or Low Quality. Render Scale is called VR Resolution Scale in the vamX Menu. Changing quality levels in vamX changes Virt-a-Mate’s current quality settings. This will help solve frame rate issues for many VR users who set quality to Low or Ultra Low Quality but still struggle with fps.


Improved the Kiwi voice with additional sexy lines and moans.

Fixed missing Post Effects in the C&G Studios Gravity scene.

Improved issue with female tongue extending and returning to her mouth in a jerky way. Her tongue now moves in/out more smoothly.

Fixed issues where the female tongue didn’t stick out, or return to the mouth, correctly. Her tongue would almost always stay sticking out when her head moved away from his penis. Sometimes her tongue wouldn’t come out when close to the Male’s penis, or came out too long. This is fixed.

Stop dialog when her tongue is extended (so she doesn’t talk while sticking out her tongue). She can still moan with her tongue out while having sex at high arousal. This seems more realistic.

Added ability to show facial expression emotions during dialog for non-Belle voices, and used this feature in the Doctor’s Office story.

Fixed issue with Custom Scene -> Stop All ATOM / PERSON ANIMATION. This didn’t stop Built-in Animations. Also, this caused an issue in the Custom Scene / Add vamX tutorial, where it said “Now that she isn’t moving” but she was still moving due to moving with a Built-In animation.

Fix for pelvis controller being automatically enabled even when not used, which may have decreased animation smoothness / realism for some mocaps and other vamX and non-vamX animation.

Fixed an issue with Doctor’s Office environment (last in the vamX Scene tab) throwing an error message and not correctly loading UnityAssetVamifier. The textures in this scene look better now.




NEW in vamX

Switching tabs / pages in the vamX Menu is now much, much faster (most often, with no significant delay). This allows you to navigate the vamX Menu more efficiently, reducing the time and frustration to get to, for example, the 17th page of Female looks.

Multiple improvements for pose alignment for sex. Solved a longstanding issue that caused loss of alignment (in ways that couldn’t be resolved by reloading the pose). Alignment is now improved, but also, if you lose alignment, simply reload the pose.

Added Skippy’s male cum clothing, so you can now also cum on male / FUTA people (and see the lasting cum effect depending on where you came). Cum clothes added with special permission from Skippy.

Improved Ragdoll Options (in Pose -> 4th Page). You can now set 3some people to Ragdoll, as well as choose if you want the Ragdoll person to collapse when moved off of their center, or to collapse immediately when you press Ragdoll (the new “RAGDOLL NOW” buttons).

Fixed issue where grab head to Embody was unreliable. Press both VR Controller trigger buttons (SteamVR) or grab buttons (Quest) near a person’s head to Embody them. Press both buttons near your own head (like you’re removing a VR headset) to stop Embody.


Multiple improvements for pose alignment for sex. Major improvements in many poses in the first few pages of Pose -> Bed / Floor. Fixed occasional, major, issue with pose alignment that could appear when choosing a pose first, then showing the male after. Fixed other pose alignment issues.

Major improvements in loading speed when changing pages / tabs in the vamX UI (vamX Menu). Also the vamX UI doesn’t stop changing pages (and has a much reduced delay) during long loading of other textures, such as when returning from the hub or changing looks. Overall the vamX UI should update 2-5x as fast as before (when Virt-a-Mate is run from an SSD or high speed thumb drive).

Fixed minor issues with Maive and VaM Hub tutorials.

Fixed major issues with VR tutorial.

Removed log message each time the PossessSex plugin was used to possess anything, for example in the VR tutorial.

Now when grabbing the female’s hands the VR Hands disappear so you can easily grab her hands and make it look like she is stroking your body. In general Virt-a-Mate VR Hands didn’t disappear / reappear reliably when using the grab to possess hands vamX feature. When possessing a female’s hands you could still see the VR Hands, and when switching back and forth between Embody and non-Embody (for any person) the left hand could disappear completely. To grab any person’s hands, simply align your VR Controller / VR Hands with their hands, then press the grab button on your VR controller.

Possess + has been improved, but if you have issues with using Possess + (standard Virt-a-Mate possession) you may need to manually reset your Virt-a-Mate Menu -> User Preferences Tab -> VR 2 -> Position and Rotation offsets to 0 (all offsets on that page).




NEW in vamX 1.29

Animated dance, sex, and cool lighting effects from C&G Studios, in 7 vamX edited C&G Studios Scenes. These include 3 paid C&G Studios Scenes (with permission from C&G). Scenes depend only on vamX (so the extra file size is small) and often have different music, looks, cum effects, etc. These scenes are opened from the Virt-a-Mate scene browser not from vamX. Booty2lap (galactic lap-dance), Power (dance and sex), Hellbound Helloween (evil dance), Moments in Time (cowgirl sex), Gravity (abstract dance & masturbation), Late Nite (strip and lap-dance), and Sexy Show Dance 3 (upbeat club dance).

To integrate these C&G Studios scenes, we’ve improved vamX’s ability to interact with any Virt-a-Mate scene (Add vamx). When loading a vamX pose for the first time in a custom scene, sex now starts automatically, and other animations which would interfere with the vamX pose and sex animation, stop automatically. Also correct switching or stoping custom scene background music now works in more complex custom scenes. If you subscribe to C&G Studios at (or check the hub) you will have many more C&G Studios scenes that work well with vamX (including the original versions of the included scenes).

Added 7 ascorad looks (optimized by ascorad) to the last page of Female looks.

Added exclusive VL_13 Male Doctor and paid Female Nurse clothing (4 female and 9 male mix and match clothing items, including pants down states for male). The exclusive male doctor’s clothing will be part of a Doctor’s Office Story with full voice over coming in vamX 1.30.

Improved random look generation with added clothing presets, ascorad base looks, new hairstyles and more. vamX includes 14 new generated looks based on new content in the Female tab -> Load & Save -> Load vamX Looks -> 1.29 folder.

Now using the (better) Virt-a-Mate 1.22 built-in lip-sync for most female voices.


Major improvements to being able to stop person atom animations in complex scenes where vamX has been added. This makes it possible to switch to sex poses and sex animations in complex scenes. In prior versions, stopping person atom animation only stopped regular recorded animations. Other scene elements could easily continue to modify the person in ways that made using vamX poses impossible.  Now if the person is impacted by Triggers from the main animation track, has AnimationPatterns in any atom which control parts of the person, or has multiple timeline animations, all of this can also be stopped by vamX as needed (when switching to a vamX pose, or when stopping person animation in Scene -> Custom Scene -> 3rd Page -> Stop All ATOM / PERSON ANIMATION).

Improvements to being able to stop background music in complex scenes. Many scenes have a manual trigger to start background music, so even when vamX was used to stop background music, it would start again when the scene animation looped (restarted). Going to Scene -> Custom Scene -> 3rd Page -> Stop All NON-VAMX SOUND now also removes any main animation track triggers that start sounds and background music.

When loading a vamX pose for the first time in a custom scene (Add vamX) sex now starts automatically. The action is set to simple thrusting (just thrust if no action was set) and arousal is set to 20% (if below 20%). The pose is also reloaded to improve pose placement, and the male is turned on if he was off. This makes it much easier to start sex in custom scenes, just select a pose to start sex.

Switched to using the Virt-a-Mate 1.22 built-in lip-sync for most female voices (except the default voice and Lina, which had each dialog line manually scripted, so those voices remain as usual). Large Lip Movements / Small Lip Movements options now only work with those two voices (Default & Lina, when used with Virt-a-Mate 1.22). For the other voices, female lip-sync mouth movements have been dramatically improved by the new Virt-a-Mate 1.22 buit-in lip-sync.

Added 7 ascorad looks to the last page of Female looks. These looks also show up near the top of Female (1st page) -> Load & Save Looks -> Load vamX Looks. These looks can also be the base of random female looks, adding additional possibilities to the look generation system.

Fixed issue where in some cases switching to a Pose and pressing Start Sex in a custom scene wouldn’t start sex thrusting.

Add VaMChan Headband Hairstyles Addition 01, 02, 03 & 05 Clothing and Hair to the vamX random look generation system. Added additional Oeshii Baroquesque, Madmoiselle and Fierce hair, as well as Roac Superlong hair, to the vamX random look generation system.

Created 14 new sexy looks based on the new ascorad Females and new hair. These are in the 1.29 folder when loading vamX looks (vamX.Base.1:/Saves/Person/appearance/vamX/Female/1.29). Open them by going to Female -> Load & Save -> Load vamX Looks -> 1.29 folder -> choose a look.

Added Atom markers which can be used by custom scenes. If you create an (empty) atom with a UID (name of the atom) of “vamX Pose Location”, then all poses start near that location. If you change the Atom UID of an atom to start with “vamX_Remove_On_Pose” (e.g. “vamX_Remove_On_Pose_SomeBigChair”) then those atoms will be removed when loading the first vamX pose (for example if they would be in the way of vamX poses and you want them to be removed when switching to a vamX pose).

Added a variety of buttons to the vamX plugin Custom UI to remove different parts of vamX to help people remove vamX from scenes where it was added. There isn’t a perfect way to remove vamX, so save your scene first (IMPORTANT!) then open the __vamX Plugin atom -> Plugins tab ->  _CHOOSE_VAMX_FEATURES -> Remove Hidden or Remove vamX. If the scene had atoms with the same name as vamX atoms, these may be removed from the scene, so be careful.

Improved saving female voices and voice volume. Before, if you set her voice volume lower then saved then loaded the scene, her voice would return to full volume. Also, before if you set her voice to off, then saved then loaded the scene, then generated a new look, her voice would reappear. This is now fixed so saved scenes fully remember female voice volume or if the female voice has been disabled. If you save scenes with vamX, please note that saved scenes remain at the vamX version that you saved them at (for example vamX 1.29) unless you manually edit the scene .json to replace all instances of “vamX.1.29” (or whatever version) with “vamX.1.latest”.

Fixed minor typo in Quick Start Sex tutorial from the vamX Tutorials scene (“animation that include touching” to “animation that includes touching”).

Added missing pose for male when using the new Other -> Dance -> ReignMocap Dance and Shower animation. Now, if a Male is shown, he loads looking at the female instead of behind the shower staring at the wall awkwardly.

Fixed the vamX version of PostMagic to allow for “.latest” references to LUT images in packages.

Some custom scenes use plugins (such as soundtrack sync) which may not correctly reset the timescale on scene change. vamX now automatically sets the global Virt-a-Mate timescale to 1.0 (100%, default) when a scene with vamX is closed (so that timescale works correctly when loading the next scene).

Fixed issue where custom scenes that had a male with a disabled timeline animation would break vamX timeline animations (such as male dancing or fighting).




NEW in vamX 1.28

Added 80 minutes of excellent free & paid ReignMocap animation (6 dances, one shower dance, and a happy ending massage). Load animations in any vamX Scene from the new first page of Other -> Dance.

Added sexy thin and thicc paid pogdaddy looks Alea, Arya, Emmi, Immani, Ophelie, Zoela. Includes look variations for some looks (fat, thin, muscular).

Added a Creampie effect when cumming inside her, using customized vs1 Wet59 cum clothing for cum around and leaking out of her pussy.

Added 45 realistic and diverse male looks by GaymerRepublic. Male looks also have improved lip-sync and eye movements.

Added Makeup (DasBoot) and Face Paint menus (after eye color options in Female -> Adjust Look). Makeup, new Riddler skins, and all the new looks improve vamX random look generation.

If this is your first time using vamX, start with the vamX Tutorials scene as described in the download steps below.


Added 51 new selected female looks (generated by vamX). These include the new resources added to vamX 1.28, plus a few older looks. Open these from the vamX.Base.1/Saves/Person/appearance/vamX/Female and Female/1.18 folders (should be 1.28 but the folder was incorrectly named 1.18).

The Male now uses Acid Bubble’s Glance plugin to determine eye movements. This makes him a little more realistic. By default, he looks only at other people in the scene (who are in front of him), not at you (unless you Embody one of the other people). If you want him to look at you (the window camera), you can manually change the Glance plugin settings on the Male (Person#2), or use vamX Menu -> Plugins -> 2nd Page -> Head Control -> 2nd Page -> Head & Eyes LOOK AT CAMERA (which affects both the Male and Female).

The Male’s mouth was open too much, especially when speaking, and the speaking didn’t look realistic. The Male’s mouth is now a little more closed, and, when vamX is used with Virt-a-Mate 1.22 and above, the Male now has much better mouth movements when speaking. Combined with the Glance improvements, the Male is, overall, a lot more realistic and doesn’t look as much like a static dummy, which is especially important when scenes are viewed in Desktop Mode (non-VR). Additional male facial expressions will be added in future releases.

Added awesome new Riddler skins: Riddler Skin 2b, Riddler Skin 6, Riddler Skin 8, and PicoVAM Edited Skin. These skins have been compressed to fit in vamX (they should look basically identical to the original skins). These skins add to the random skin diversity during vamX random female look generation.

Added sexy new Regulus Fen booty shorts clothing presets for female and male people. Added subset of Qing Black Widow clothing / tattoos. These all appear during vamX random look generation.

Added new hair to vamX random look generation. Hair includes ddaamm hair long 8, ddaamm hair short 4, JoyBoy Pretty Saucy Hair, Noc_This Yor Hair, Roac Arty Hair, Roac Bed hair and VaMChan Hair Headband Hairstyles addition 03.

ReignMocap dances are designed for high heels, so heels are added if she is barefoot when starting a ReignMocap dance (from Other -> Dance). When switching to the shower dance all shoes are removed.

Added new 4th page of Female to quick open 7 of the pogdaddy looks.

Added 45 realistic and diverse male looks by GaymerRepublic. 21 of these looks quick open in the 3 new pages of Male looks (near the end of the vamX Male tab).

Greatly improved diversity of random male looks by including random variations of these 45 new male looks.

Added two new male hair presets: ddaamm model hair and ddaamm JUN hair. These now also appear during random male look generation.

Fixed missing default expressions when using a male as the Female.

For Virt-a-Mate 1.21 and higher: Removed Add vamX button to the left of the main menu (since that button is integrated into the Virt-a-Mate main menu system).

Fixed issue where Other -> Dance animations could be impacted by Mouse Male movement (the male would be pulled out of position during a dance / animation).

Added opening a ReignMocap pole dance to the Tutorials Scene -> Start Sex tutorial. This way people who are jumping right in are aware of these longer dances.

Fixed issue where loading a vamX scene with a set male voice didn’t use that voice, and instead defaulted back to the standard male voice.




NEW in vamX 1.27

More realistic facial expressions using the included paid and free morphs from AshAuryn designed for vamX (more morphs for creators available from These morphs include activation of many additional subtle muscles, thereby creating more realistic expressions. Her default expressions, sex expressions, and emotions (Other -> Mood / Emotions) have all been improved. Her default, non-sex, facial expression is also now more neutral (as requested by patrons). If you prefer a more happy or flirty default expression go to Other -> Mood / Emotions -> Female.

Greatly improved lip-sync jaw and mouth movements for most female voices (voices after the first two pages). Lip sync is now more realistic and contains fewer distortion errors, even when combined with other morphs.

VaM Sync now works correctly with Max & Lush. Lovense devices are now in-sync (instead of in reverse sync), and can respond at both slow and very quick speeds.  You can now also choose which device you are using to optimize VaMSync for that device (Handy/Stroker vs. Max/Lush/Vibrator). Updated the Help -> Sex Toys to include information about using Lovense devices as well as physics based thrust detection (measures real penetration depth, best for vibrating toys as the Handy updates too slowly). This help can also be opened through Plugins -> Control The Handy & Other Toys -> HELP.

Added Drag Body button to Plugins -> Embody. Press Drag Body if you are using Embody and want to move around the room freely (especially useful when playing with RagDoll females who can be pushed away).

Improved female hand movements (both from Start Thrust and Pose -> 2nd Page -> FEMALE HAND). These now better target the correct areas. This makes an overall improvement in Action -> Start Thrust, with more natural and less awkward looking animations (although still not totally natural). The Touches Male Throat button works best when transitioning from already touching the Male Neck.

You can use a Strap-on as a floating Dildo (instead of the Male), if you hide the Male then go to Male -> 2nd Page -> Toggle Strap-on. This was possible in the previous release but was never announced.


Added Drag Body button to Plugins -> Embody. Press this button if you are using Embody and want to be able to move around the room freely. By default, if this isn’t pressed, many of the Embodied person’s controllers (body parts) are locked in place and/or controlled by vamX. For example you can embody a male in a particular position, while he is thrusting, and he will continue to thrust and maintain that position, even while you Embody his head and hands. If, on the other hand, you wish to drag the male to a new location (if his feet aren’t possessed having them drag under his head and hands) then you can press the new Drag Body button to disable all non embodied parts. This is especially useful when in ragdoll mode, as your partner may move far away from you, and you need to follow and move freely around the room while embodied.

Improved AIV-L voice.

Added support for Lovense vibrating devices. Tested with the Lovense Max 2 and Lovense Lush. Now when starting VaM Sync for toy support, you are prompted to choose between Lovense Devices and The Handy / Other stroking toys. Lovense devices were not working well with settings made for The Handy (for example they turned off completely at low thrusting speeds), so they will work much better in this release.

Added new Physics Sync for Lovense toys (and to some extent also for The Handy and stroking toys). This allows toys to respond to complex sex animations or manual control from Plugins -> Possess Sex (although imperfectly, read more below). This works best for vibrating toys. The Handy and other stroking toys (except the OSR2 / SR6) can’t update quickly enough to manually set locations, rather they operate by receiving commands sent at a relatively slow rate, that instruct the device in advance to start moving to a specific location at a specific speed. The Handy and similar toys work best when linked to a rhythmic (predictable) thrusting animation pattern, like those created from the vamX Actions panel. The new Physics Sync checks the actual current penetration percent at all times, and sends this information to the toy. Physics Sync works well for Lovense devices, as they can be controlled quickly via Bluetooth with frequent commands about how deep insertion is. Physics sync doesn’t work well (but can be used) for The Handy. Since The Handy (and Launch) can’t receive frequent changes to location / speed, a prediction of the thrust is made and sent, but it isn’t perfect and takes time (there is a delay) between what you do in VaM and when (and if) the toy responds.

New and improved facial expression morphs from AshAuryn in Other -> Mood / Emotions. These new morphs are much more lifelike, based on the facial action coding system in Genesis 8/9 (which add additional muscle activation in the cheeks and surrounding facial muscles for improved realism). For additional expressions, check out

Fixed issue where auto-align would sometimes try to align the penis and vagina for insertion during the animation / time period where he pulls out and cums on her.

Improved pose alignment when using MOVE POSE with seated poses.

Fixed major issue with loading vamX 3some scenes. Loading vamX scenes that had been saved with a 3some person caused the Male to disappear and the 3some to become the Male.

Fixed major issue where if you started an Other -> Dance & Animated Sex, then switched back to a sex pose, the couple wouldn’t thrust until the scene was reloaded.

Fixed issue where chair poses and standing poses were at the wrong height in the simple scene with the antique bed (on Scene page 3).

Fixed issue where chair poses were at the wrong height and in the dark in the simple scene with the wooden floor (on Scene page 3).

Fixed issue where Plugins -> 2nd Page -> Configure Head Control & Expressions -> vamX Expressions ON could choose oral sex or kissing expressions even when not in oral sex / kissing.

Fixed issue where the starting camera view of the vamX scene and/or tutorial scene was not optimal in Desktop Mode (the camera was moved a little left, up, or was too close).

Improved detection of when she should open her mouth and assume a light kissing or french kissing expression (based on distance to the camera or distance to the male head). This wasn’t accurate before and resulted in her showing kissing expressions at the wrong times. For example she might kiss if you went near her forehead. Also the detection for blow job expressions (lip to penis) have been improved. Improved light kissing morph to use AshAuryn’s kiss expressions.

When exiting the HELP & Setup Instructions for the Handy and other toys (from Plugins -> Control The Handy, Launch & Other Toys) you now correctly return to the Toy Control page.

Improved loading of scenes saved with Toy integration.

Removed female spanking male with her right hand as a random occurrence, since it’s often misaligned and also knocks sex out of alignment (left hand spanking still occurs).

Stopped Start Thrust / auto pose changes from automatically switching from standing doggie to standing masturbation.

Greatly improved animated transition between standing doggie and standing doggie leg up poses (which do automatically switch during Start Thrust / auto pose change).

Improved first bed blow job pose (next to the first bed hand job pose). This pose had bad alignment. This blow job and hand job poses have improved animated transitions, which work most times, for most looks, but this is still imperfect.

Improved alignment for the 3 female reverse riding poses on the 2nd page of bed poses. These have improved alignment, but still not perfect alignment for all looks / scenes. The legs are pushing into each other pushing the hips out of place for some looks / scenes.




NEW in vamX 1.26

Improved Eye Movement Realism. Incorporates AcidBubbles Glance for a more natural feel. There are also improved eye control options in Plugins -> Configure Head Control -> 2nd Page -> LOOK AT CAMERA and LOOK AT PARTNER.

Much quicker and easier to load, save, and edit presets. From Female (or Male/3some) press Load & Save Looks, Hair, Clothes & Edit Atom. This button opens a screen where you can load and save looks, to create your own look library, or search through looks. You can also load and save clothing, hair, skin, or plugin presets. Click Edit Atom to view the atom for further customization options. This is very useful for both new and experienced users.

Major improvements for Desktop (non-VR) control of sex. “Mouse Male” (in the Pose tab) is checked by default. This means if you press anywhere, and drag the mouse vertically, the male will thrust from your mouse movements (if they are in a sex pose).  You can also check “Mouse Fem.” to control female thrusting with horizontal mouse movements (try diagonals or circles for different types of synced movement). For pussy licking poses you have full rotational control of the Male’s head (left/right/up/down), and need to carefully drag the mouse in the right way to give good head. Without adding any thrust motions you can stimulate her to orgasm using the mouse in these ways in Desktop (non-VR) mode.

Added Ragdoll option for Female and Male in the new Pose -> 4th Page -> RAGDOLL. After pressing Ragdoll, push the person off-balance to start Ragdoll mode. Ragdoll requires something to fall onto, like a bed or floor.

Open the improved vamX Tutorials scene for first time users, or to learn more about the new Load & Save Looks, Hair, Clothes & Edit Atom features. This scene makes it easier to get started, and includes multiple kinds of useful help, video tutorials, and new quick start tutorials to dive right into vamX.

If this is your first time using vamX, start with the vamX Tutorials scene as described in the download steps below.


Fixed Bed pose where she is sitting on his face and giving him a hand job. The hand job animation had an incorrect name, showed an error message, and didn’t load the female hand movement / hand job part of the pose.

Added AcidBubbles Glance as the default eye control for the female. Thanks AcidBubbles for this plugin, and thanks ReignMocap for the suggestion.

Improvements for sex alignment in the first four Bed/Floor missionary poses.

Renamed the first two Action buttons to make starting sex more obvious / easy for first time users. Renamed Music main menu buttons for female voices and voice options to make it easier to find what you’re looking for.

Fixed issue where Ashley voice could ask a male if he wanted his pussy licked.

Fixed Doggy Restrained Bed/Floor pose (with her hand held behind her back in doggy-style). This pose didn’t have her hip movements allowed, and had alignment problems in scenes without a bed/floor (empty scenes with just people).

Fixed issue that when opening thumbnail pages to choose presets, the log or error windows could hide the thumbnail browser.

Improved use of Titty Magic button in Plugins -> 5th Page -> Titty Magic. This now loads the latest version of Titty Magic that you have in your AddonPackages folder (although you also need to have the vamX version in your AddonPackages folder so that vamX knows the plugin is installed). Hair Let Loose and Joint Correct also now load the latest found versions.

Added 3some Moans ON to last page of 3some tab (so now you can turn this off and back on) and also made 3some Moans OFF work correctly (it wasn’t stopping the 3some moans in previous versions).

Fixed loading voice pitch for scenes where a female voice pitch was saved. The pitch now loads correctly when you load the scene.

Fixed issue with merge loading scenes with only one person, if that person was named “Person#2”. vamX wasn’t loading correctly in that special case (using Add vamX or merge loading for those scenes).

Fixed issue with the Custom Scene tutorial where the male exploded near the end of the tutorial when merge loading the example scene.