Virt-A-Mate + vamX (VaMX) is no longer available on Steam.

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Can I still play the copy of VaMX that I purchased?

Yes. If you purchased VaMX on Steam, you can still launch VaMX from your Steam library and download it from Steam.

To ensure you always have a copy of VaMX, you can copy VaMX from your Steam Library to a backup location.
VaMX is located in your Steam Library\steamapps\common\VaMX folder.
This is most commonly at:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\VaMX
Copy the VaMX folder to another location. VaMX runs best near the root of a drive, for example D:\.

You can run VaMX from within Steam  -or-
You can also run VaMX directly from the copy or from your Steam Library VaMX folder by running either for the following from your VaMX folder:
VaM.exe  -or-
VaM (Desktop Mode).bat
These will launch VaMX directly, without requiring Steam to be open or installed.

Can I still download new content?

Yes. You can continue to use the game indefinitely with full access to the VaM Hub. Use the VaM Hub to add free new content from within VaMX, or use a separate browser to browse

How can I get free updates to vamX?

To help create a positive experience for users who were looking for free future updates for vamX, we have created an update system to provide free updates to Steam owners, as long as they have a fully downloaded, non-beta, copy of VaMX from Steam.

vamX 1.25 UPDATE

You can now download the 1.25 update to Steam for free
You can watch the vamX 1.25 update video and see the 1.25 improvements at:
1.25 UPDATE PATCH (updates the regular, non-beta, Steam version of VaMX)
If you have enough hard disk space, make a copy of your VaMX folder before applying the patch, in case you prefer the previous version, or something goes wrong during patching (we haven’t had any reports of patching issues yet).


Don’t miss the new VL_13 clothing from Clothes & Hair -> BUILD Female Clothes -> Load Female Clothes.

Also check out the new Mariana voice, or if you want apply male voices to the Female in Sound -> Female Voices & Language -> 6th & 8th pages.
There are also 4 new Male Voices in Sounds -> Male Voices.
vamX now optimizes RAM for computers with 16 GB of RAM (or less but you shouldn’t have less that’s the bare minimum). If you
want to turn off RAM optimization go to Plugins -> Give Me FPS -> 2nd Page -> NEVER CLEAR RAM (this setting is remembered forever).
Also, check the improved Female -> Adjust Look section, where you can immediately change her body shape (while keeping the same look) or change eye color and shape.

vamX 1.25 to 1.28 UPDATE

You can view the 1.26, 1.27, and 1.28 videos showing the feature improvements at

APPLY THE 1.25 to 1.28 UPDATE PATCH (you must first have updated the Steam version of VaMX to 1.25)

To use the 1.25 to 1.28 update you must:
1) Have updated VaMX to 1.25 (and own the Steam version of VaMX).
2) Haven’t further modified your vamX.Base.1.var package or vamX.1.99.var package
You can check these files by right clicking them and going to properties (they are in steamapps/common/VaMX/AddonPackages/vamX.Base.1.var and vamX.1.99.var).
The files should have the following sizes:
vamX.1.99.var: 616 MB (645,933,059 bytes)
vamX.1.Base.var: 2.81 GB (3,023,296,142 bytes)
3) If you renamed your VaMX/Keys/1.20 folder to 1.21, make a copy of that folder and rename the copy back to 1.20. You must have your original key file in place.

Once that is done, unzip this file, and put it next to the VaMX folder
(so that the Run Patch 1.25 to 1.28 bat file is in your
steamapps/common folder, next to the VaMX folder):
There are full instructions in the image inside the zip file.

For more update info see the updates-and-official channel of the vamX Steam Users Discord at: