This page will be updated frequently. Last updated September 24th, 2023. Last password update September 24th, 2023.

Please check this help before posting questions.

Key information below includes how to chat with your voice (hold your right mouse button or VR controller trigger), switch to the alternate/European servers (if you live in Europe or something stops working), requirements such as Virt-a-Mate 1.22, allowing website access to the chat servers, entering your password, speaking voice commands (or disabing vamX action responses), creating your own personalities, and much more. If you get stuck, something isn’t working, you are missing a feature, or want to get better chat responses, read this document. You can read it in any web browser at or in the vamX Chat AI scene in Virt-a-Mate.


You can start with NSFW ooba, or SFW ChatGPT, but if ChatGPT refuses to answer (if the chat turns too sexual), set the SFW ChatGPT drop down to NSFW ooba, then press Retry Last.

You can now also change the drop down to Ooba II (which is also a NSFW chat AI). If you don’t like the answer you are getting, switch between Ooba and Ooba II, then press Retry Last.

Regardless of what Chat AI you use, the AI may be forgetful. You can give a reminder of what’s going on while staying in character e.g. “Now that we finished eating sushi, let’s go to that strip club you mentioned.”

You may also occasionally wish update the Personality (then press Apply Updated Personality) to reflect the current situation, or to focus on key points you want to interact further around. This can greatly improve responses.

If your character is explicitly sexual you may wish or need to start the conversation with NSFW ooba. You can also use NSFW ooba for non-sexual chat. You can check to see which responses you like better, at any time, or switch back and forth during the conversation, as many times as you like.


AI Chat requires Virt-a-Mate 1.22 or higher. AI Chat doesn’t work with Virt-a-Mate 1.20. If you downloaded Virt-a-Mate from Patreon (more than 6 months ago), you may need to get a new key from If you purchased from Steam, run VaM_Updater.exe to update for free. If you purchased a permanent license in the last few months, you already have Virt-a-Mate 1.22.


You must enable access to All Sites or whitelist the AI Chat server.

TO ALLOW ALL SITES (instead of whitelisting the AI Chat server) go to the Virt-a-Mate UI -> Open Main UI (three horizontal bars icon) -> Left Navigation tab -> Top Security tab -> Check “Allow All Sites”

TO WHITELIST THE AI CHAT SERVER (instead of Allowing All Sites) open your VaM/whitelist_domains.json file (using notepad, or any simple text editor) and add:


Save the changes to the whitelist_domains.json file, then RESTART VIRT-A-MATE.

The final whitelist_domains.json file should look something like:


Hold the right mouse button, or VR controller trigger, to record and send your voice, so that you can chat without typing. Hold to record then release when you finish speaking to send the voice response (instead of typing a text response). To stop the vamX menu from appearing and disappearing each time you press the VR trigger button, press “Hide” on the vamX menu.

You should probably ensure that Speech Recognition for vamX is off to not get unexpected results (vamX Menu -> Sound -> Uncheck Speech Recognition).

If Voice Recognition doesn’t work, you may need to refresh the chat window by going to Scene -> AI Chat again (which clears the chat history and password).

For faster AI responses, try typing, instead of speaking.


The servers we are running are expensive. Even moderately expensive servers only allow a few simultaneous global users before speed dramatically decreases for everyone. It takes a lot of resources to run language models (and many are running in order to handle various aspects of the chat). Therefore a password is required to access the server. Your password will be sent to you through Patreon and may change at any time. PLEASE DON’T SHARE YOUR PASSWORD! You can speak your password using voice recognition (or if this doesn’t work, type it into the password box). Press Reset Chat after entering your password, or the Chat AI will continue to have a conversation with you about passwords. To have your password automatically load, put your password in the file: Virt-a-Mate/Saves/PluginData/vamX/vamX_ai_chat_enter_your_password_here.txt


If the primary server (USA) is down, or slow, or you live in Europe, use the secondary server.
1) Go to your Virt-a-Mate folder and open Saves/PluginData/vamX/vamX_ai_chat_host.txt
2) Change where it says Default to instead say: (the entire text file should only say that with no other text)
3) Open (or close and reopen) the vamX AI Chat scene.
4) To revert back to the primary server, delete the vamX_ai_chat_host.txt file or change it back to say Default.


You can choose a name (or use your name) for all personalities (so they always call you by the same name). To do this enter your name (with no other text) in the file: Virt-a-Mate/Saves/PluginData/vamX/vamX_ai_chat_enter_your_name_here.txt

You can optionally save and use a PAID ElevenLabs API key. Enter your API key in the file: Virt-a-Mate/Saves/PluginData/vamX/vamX_ai_chat_elevenlabs_key.txt.


The AI Chat menu in vamX lets you choose Breathing Sounds Only or Sex, Moans & Breathing. Sex, Moans & Breathing is the default, so by default she can cum and moan (using vamX voices) during chat.  The Moans will be in a different voices (whatever is selected in vamX). If you don’t want this, press “Breathing Sounds Only (No Orgasm)”. Breathing Sounds Only also stays more true to the selected AI Chat voice. If you select a voice in vamX after starting the Chat AI, you should select the “Moans Only” version of that voice unless you want her to speak in two different voices (the vamX arousal dialog plus the different Chat AI voice when the Chat AI is speaking).  It’s not currently possible to get the Chat AI to speak in vamX voices, primarily as this is a licensing issue with the voice artists.


SFW ChatGPT / NSFW ooba
NSFW ooba also generates great SFW responses on almost any topic. You can check to see which responses you like better, at any time, or switch back and forth during the conversation, as many times as you like.

Crop For Speech / Full Responses / Short & Quick
If she is speaking her responses (by default) then we recommend leaving this on Crop For Speech for optimal dialog length.
If you are using Text Only (without hearing her speak the lines) then we recommend setting this to Full Responses for longer written text.

Quick Speech / Shortened Speech / Speak After / Text Only / Break Into Parts
Audio is sent so the female in vamX speaks whatever is written (unless Text Only is selected). It’s recommended to leave this on Quick Speech for optimal dialog length or Text Only. Shortened Speech and Quick Speech both optimize dialog for speech, but Quick Speech also breaks the resulting audio file into up to 3 parts. Breaking the audio into parts allows her to start talking much sooner. In some speech engines, like ElevenLabs, the tone may not be as uniform for separate audio parts.

Reset Chat
Press the Reset Chat button to clear the chat history and start a new chat based on what is in the Context box.

Retry Last
Asks the Chat AI to regenerate the last response. This button is currently only useful when you tried to get a response, but hadn’t entered in the password yet. This button should (once finished) get the Chat AI to generate a different random response based on the chat history and Context.

Edit Last
Remove or Change the last thing you said to the AI. You can use this repeatedly to remove more and more of the conversation.

Chat / Instruction
This should normally be left on Chat. If you wish the bot to be more likely to respond yes, even if it is out of character, try setting it to Instruction. The bot isn’t guaranteed to respond positively, but it’s similar to adding some information to the Context.

ALL REPLIES start with:
If you are having a conversation and don’t get the response you want, try changing what you are saying in the conversation. But if you just want the AI to respond in a certain way, you can type the first part of the response in the ALL REPLIES start with: text box. For example, if you make all replies start with Definitely. Then if you ask: “Would you like to go to the movies” the AI must begin the reply with “Definitely” (although the AI is creative so it could respond “Definitely not with you”). Once you finish getting the response you want, you should probably clear this text box so replies can start with any word.

I speak: (Non-English Languages)
You can speak almost any language and have the AI reply in English.
She can also now speak French, German, and Portuguese. Set your native language in the “I speak” drop down. The language drop down has an issue with mouse scroll wheels. To scroll down click the side scroll bar. For non-English languages it’s better to say 3 or more words. One word answers are not always translated correctly. You can select your language from the drop down, or set it to Auto Detect. If you select one of the “AI Also Speaks” languages (French, German, or Portuguese), she will understand and reply in that language. Other languages are translated first to English, and then she responds in English. When setting an “AI Also Speaks” language, the voice drop down is automatically changed to that language. By default the voice drop down is set to the female voice for that language, but you can also change it to the male voice of that language. If you change the voice to an English voice then whatever you say will be translated into English, and she will respond in English (like if you choose the Female 1 voice while the “I speak” drop down is set to French).


The UI contains a drop down with the options: Actions & Feelings / Actions If Agreed / Actions Always / Only Actions I Say / Actions I Say if Agreed / Feelings/Arousal (No Actions) / ONLY Actions no Dialog / No Actions.

This allows you to have vamX actions, like her undressing, happen automatically during chat. This only works for actions that
already work with the voice command system.

When set to Feelings, her facial expressions now match her feelings about the conversation. Feelings also makes her Arousal increase and decrease in response to the conversation. She switches vamX Mood / Emotions (facial expressions), and increases or decreases Arousal, based on how she feels about the last thing you said, and her last response. She will also start thrusting / moving her hips if she is Horny. If you don’t want Facial Expression / Arousal changes, switch to Actions if Agreed (the previous default) or No Actions (if you don’t want her to do anything).

You can now speak multiple commands separated by ” and “. If typing, you can also separate commands with “.”
For example you can say “you have black hair and red eyes” or “let’s go to the pool and get naked” or (type) “I love it when you wear leather. Dim the lights and give me a lap dance.”
Hint: if you no longer want to chat, and just want to say what happens next, change Actions if Agreed to ONLY Actions no Dialog.

vamX includes a voice command system where around 17,000 specific spoken phrases are used to trigger around 1,600 actions.
An action could be taking off or changing clothes, switching sex positions or scenes, thrusting faster, using sex toys, changing looks, etc.

See the Full List of vamX Voice Commands

When using vamX Chat AI you don’t need to say the exact words for the voice command to work. As long as you say something similar, and the main meaning of the whole text you wrote matches an action, and the AI understands it, the action is triggered. For example, if either of you writes something which has a meaning similar to “change into red clothes”, she can change into red clothes (if this isn’t set to No Actions). The system is limited. For example, vamX has an action for her changing into red clothes (but not you), so if you say something about EITHER of you changing into red clothes, it’s likely that SHE will change into red clothes.

You can now speak multiple commands separated by ” and “. If typing, you can also separate commands with “.”
For example you can say “you have black hair and red eyes” or “let’s go to the pool and get naked” or (type) “I love it when you wear leather. Dim the lights and give me a lap dance.”

There are some commands / actions where the male describes what he is going to do (separately from the female or any sex pose). For example you can say “I take off my shirt”, or “I cum all over you”. You can take off or put on your shirts / pants, get naked, cum, cum inside her, cum on her, or ask to be chained or for the chains to be removed. Most actions are only available to the female. The male has a very limited set of actions (aside from couples actions like “give me a blow job”, etc.).

If you don’t want these (imperfect) actions to happen, or find them distracting, set this to No Actions.

If you want these actions to happen whenever you, or she, says something which primarily matches just that action, set this to Actions Always.

If you ask her to change into a red dress, but she prefers black, and says, “Actually, I prefer wearing black” then she won’t change if you have this set to Actions if Agreed.

Actions if Agreed activates any actions that she suggests or agrees on.

Once you start sex, you might want her to talk less and just respond physically to your suggestions / commands. If you don’t want chat responses / decisions, and just want to trigger actions set this to ONLY Actions no Dialog.

ONLY Actions no Dialog can also be used instead of the vamX Voice Command system (if you don’t want chat but just want to use voice commands). It’s slower, but the wording you can use is more flexible.



You can now create a personality by speaking in English, instead of writing!
You must say exactly: “My name is [your name]. Your name is [character’s name]. You are [describe her personality, then anything else about the context].” For example you could say “My name is John. Your name is Frank. You’re my friend from work and have always had a crush on my wife. We’re at my home sipping wine after a home cooked dinner and we’re starting to get a bit drunk.” You can only speak for a maximum of 30 seconds. If you speak for longer it will overwrite the earlier part of your text and you’ll need to start again.

There are a number of personalities included, which can be loaded by pressing the personality buttons.

If you scroll up above the included personalities, you can make your own personality by editing this text.

Even if you are using an included personality, you may want to improve, adjust or fix the personality by editing this text. After changing the personality text you MUST PRESS Apply Personality or Reset Chat to apply the personality.

The Summarize Chat button takes the current chat, does the AI’s best job to summarize that, and puts it into the personality, so you can manually ave this text and continue chatting later. It also includes some recent chat history so you can continue exactly from where you left off.  You should review, and you can edit, the resulting personality (which contains the chat history).  You must manually copy this and save the resulting text somewhere on your computer.  Then manually copy and paste it back in to continue.  You can also use this if the chat is getting very long and the AI is starting to forget old things (useful only if the summary will include the relevant details you want to save).

You can make your own personality list, but it is currently difficult and requires paying for server space through a 3rd party. See CREATING YOUR OWN PERSONALITY LIST BELOW.

In VR it may be hard to get text pasted into this text box using VR Controllers. Instead use your keyboard to Ctrl-C copy text from outside of Virt-a-Mate, then Ctrl-V paste it into this box.

Context (personalities) can be copied in and/or modified. You’ll probably need to fine-tune the Context.

There are two types (formats) you can use for Context:


You can use the default Context (shown above) as a starting point. Just change the Character (name), Personality, Setting, etc. to create your own character. It’s best to leave the general structure as it is, and just change what is after the “:” in each section. For example, you can change “Your Name: Jack” to “Your Name: Chuck”. You MUST have “Character: ” (and then write the character name) for this format to work. The AI may include descriptions like “Come here (she says seductively)”. Instructions like “Write only exactly what the character would say” may reduce but not eliminate this issue.

There are also some sample vamX personalities / contexts (in progress) you can copy in from


You can paste in .json from sites like ( can’t be used from within Virt-a-Mate as it tries to open the .json files in a new tab, which doesn’t work in Virt-a-Mate).


If you are in the middle of a chat but want to change the Context, enter the new or modified Context, then click the big blue Update Context button to change the personality while continuing your current chat. For example, you might have failed to seduce the AI, and want to just state that the AI wants to have sex with you. That could be put in the Context box, then click Update Context and continue your chat. The Context is only a part of the total dialog, the AI chat responses also analyze as much of the recent chat history as possible, so changing the Context without resetting the chat won’t fully change the personality, it will still be based on all of it’s previous responses, in addition the updated personality.


ADVANCED USERS ONLY! Useful for VR, where it is hard to copy, paste, or type text.

The Chat AI operates online only. This may change in the future, but currently you must host your personality list online in order for it to be integrated into the AI Chat web page.

To make your own personality list:
1) You will be replacing the green personality buttons in the AI Chat page with your own buttons.
Each of these buttons is a simple txt file. The name of the .txt file is the name shown here. If you also create a jpg file with the same name, then there will be a picture icon for the personality. When you click the personality button, the contents of the txt file is used (and copied into the top of the Chat AI page as shown here)

2) To get started easily, download the Personality, and unzip and modify those files.
3) Create an account at (adding even $10 will probably last you many years if this is for your personal use).
4) On click Delivery -> Storage (left tab) -> Add Storage Zone (top) -> type any name for the Storage Zone Name -> You can leave the rest of the options default, or change them, for your personal use these options don’t matter much.
5) On click Delivery -> CDN (left tab) -> Add Pull Zone (top) -> type a simple name for the Pull Zone, this will be part of the web address. For Origin Type set it to Storage Zone and choose the Storage Zone you created in step 2. You can leave everything else default.
6) In the CDN click Headers and make sure Add CORS Headers is enabled. Change the Extension List to * (type only “*” without quotes in the extension list field), then click Save.
7) On return to the Delivery -> Storage tab and click the Storage Zone you created. Upload the files you prepared, then right click the index.txt (or _index.txt or whatever you named your index) and click Copy URL.
8) Open your Virt-a-Mate / Saves / PluginData / vamX / vamX_ai_personalities_url.txt file and paste in the url that you copied from (this file shouldn’t have any spaces or other content, just the one url).
9) Open Virt-a-Mate and open the Chat AI + vamX scene (if you were already in that scene, then vamX Scene -> AI Chat button to reload it. You should see your personalities. If you don’t, try putting this link into your vamX_ai_personalities_url.txt to see our demo personalities example:
10) If you follow these instructions but don’t succeed, send a message to vamX on Patreon for troubleshooting. Please include the contents of the vamX_ai_personalities_url.txt file.


Community discussion available in the ai-chat channel under COMMUNITY DISCUSSION at


At minimum you would need a separate computer (in addition to your VaM computer) with one or two dedicated 4090 graphics cards. Our current servers use about $14,000 worth of combined graphics cards (on various separate servers) to provide this level of performance. Also, we’ve written proprietary software for our servers. Setting up home or remote servers also requires significant technical expertise. We may provide an option to run parts on local machines in the future, or parts on self created remote servers, if many people express the desire to do so. For now, it seems that for most users, it’s better to pay $15 per month, instead of $3,000+ to purchase home hardware which will be outdated within a couple of years, or $500-$2,000 per month to rent remote servers.


Add an animation set specifically for Chat AI, to expand and make a more unified set of animated responses. Include animations for common chat actions, including simple action, emotion, girl friend and dominatrix responses.

Create a way to save parts of the chat history to resume a chat (although it’s not possible for language models to respond to a very long history yet, and longer history lengths result in slower answers).

Create an easy way people can specify their own lists of personalities.

Add translation layer for other languages.

The chat is restarted (all history cleared) when pressing AI Chat, or if vamX needs to reload the AI Chat. Make it less likely to lose chats which are in progress, or provide an option to continue or reset the chat.

Allow people to use their own language models / Chat AI models from their own servers.

Update the AI Chat scene thumbnail to match the updated model.

Use HTTPS if possible (see privacy section).


vamX Chat AI includes Imposter by TwinWin. Imposter is designed to be a starting point for VaM chat developers. Thanks Twinwin for your awesome base code, demo and the time you spent developing this. vamX Chat AI is a major rewrite of Imposter and is unique to vamX, adding many new features, fixes, fine tuning AI model selection, parsing personality formats, improving speed, infrastructure for servers and handling many clients, and generally adapting it for vamX (such as integration with the vamX action system). We are still researching various language models. Any money sent to vamX via Patreon is used to support our AI research and pay for server processing power only. No specific AI model access is guaranteed or should be considered part of any Patreon subscription. AI model licensing is a controversial issue. Models like Open AI’s Chat GPT are trained using a wide range of internet data. Meta has introduced the LLaMA 2 model, which is the basis for many chat language models. Among these are models customized by The Bloke, some of which might be used in the vamX Chat AI. We are currently evaluating and testing different models. In the future we will provide the ability for people to use their own language models (although this generally means renting a server for about $0.70 per hour / $500 per month).


vamX chat data is currently transmitted via HTTP. If you are the kind of person who uses a VPN, that should solve the issue, and if you aren’t, you probably aren’t the kind of person who would care about HTTP transfer. Most websites were HTTP for many years, and until a few years ago, HTTP was the standard method of transmitting data. The main theoretical concern is your internet service provider (ISP) being able to know what you do online. If you wish to secure vamX data transfer, use a VPN (Express VPN is one good option). With a VPN your ISP doesn’t know what sites you visit, or what traffic you exchange with those sites. Without a VPN your ISP can know what HTTPS or HTTP sites you visit and could theoretically record the HTTP traffic to/from those sites. If you don’t generally use a VPN when searching for porn, etc., and will interact with chat in a similar way, you probably don’t need to start using a VPN.